Discover our Integrated DVS Premium Connect Ventilation System

If some rooms of your home are harder to heat than others, this integrated home ventilation system is made for you. The ventilation system will keep your home drier and healthier, and take advantage of the heat you’ve already paid for to make it warmer.

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Integrated DVS Premium Connect Ventilation System 

We have combined our ultimate positive pressure ventilation system with our heat transfer system, so you can enjoy the benefits of a drier and warmer home all at once. An integrated home ventilation system provides the best of both worlds, it will ventilate your home with fresh, filtered air and switch to a heat transfer system when you need to warm up the colder rooms of your home.

Not to mention that thanks to our new, improved ventilation technology, you now have control over moisture, humidity and CO2 levels in your home. The advanced CO2 sensor, automatically adapts the ventilation system’s airflow to deliver more clean, filtered air into your home when you need it the most. Ensuring your home is a healthy haven for you and your family at all times.

At the time of the installation, our team of ventilation experts will personally configure your integrated home ventilation system to match your home environment and preferences.

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