The heart of a healthy home

Invest in your family’s health with a DVS® Home Ventilation System. For more than two decades we have been making homes healthier and more comfortable to live in.

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Breathe Easy

Knowing stale, damp, unhealthy air, mould and mildew no longer have a hold on your home.

Low Energy Costs

A DVS costs as little as 8c a day to run. You can save on electricity and maintenance.

Easy Finance

From $2,905 to install. Finance offers available. Give us a call on 0800 DVS DVS to book a consultation.

  • Why Home Ventilation?

    Why Home Ventilation?

    You wouldn’t drink dirty water so why breathe dirty air? DVS home ventilation systems significantly reduce or even eliminate mould, mildew and crying windows. DVS – providing fresher, drier air to New Zealanders.

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  • Upgrade your old system

    Upgrade your current DVS Home Ventilation System and experience the very latest in-home ventilation technology.

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  • Filter Shop

    Changing a DVS filter is easy! You can purchase the filters to change yourself or you can purchase a DVS filter service all from the DVS shop.

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  • Heat Transfer Systems

    Use the excess heat in your warmest room to help heat your home.

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  • Cooling

    DVS has many cooling solutions to ensure your home is comfortable no matter what the season.

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