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The DVS Premium Connect is breaking new ground in air quality management and condensation control for your home. The Premium Connect is our fifth generation of product and our best so far! Connected to the people who can help you!

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DVS Premium Connect Ventilation System   

The DVS Premium Connect keeps humidity, temperature, and CO2 “under control” in your home, improves air quality, and creates a drier, healthier living environment.

CONDENSATION CONTROL: Delivers cleaner, filtered air to keep your windows and home dry and happy-as.

FRESH, FILTERED AIR: Uses air from the roof space or from outside the building and filters it through a high quality, high-efficiency EcoStatic filter, ensuring a cleaner, fresher air supply and a healthier home environment.

AIR QUALITY CONTROL: Actively replaces stale unhealthy air with drier, fresher air.

HUMIDITY SENSING: The Humidity Sensitive control function constantly monitors humidity levels inside your home and in the air supply. Automatically adjusting to ensure that only air which will keep your house healthier, and drier is introduced.

CO2 SENSING & CONTROL: Lack of good ventilation traps air filled with contaminants and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which can cause discomfort, fatigue, and lack of focus and can contribute to an unhealthy in-home climate.

The DVS Premium Connect constantly monitors CO2 levels. When the CO2 level rises, the DVS Premium Connect ventilation system automatically increases the level of fresh air being introduced into your home to minimise any risk brought on by having too much CO2 in your air.

So, you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling fresh! The CO2 sensors are remote wireless devices and can be positioned in up to four places in your home.

TEMPERATURE SENSING: Reacts to differences in air temperature (comparing the air supply to the air inside of the home). Adjusting the air supply automatically to make best use of free warmth when it is available and then slowing to a minimum ventilation rate when the air is cooler.

WIRELESS: The Connect Control system is wireless and can connect to your home internet. When we improve the system software, you will be able to download the software updates, reducing service costs over time.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT FANS: This ventilation system uses energy efficient EC fan technology. Consumes as little as 10% of the electricity of an AC fan. Significant savings can be made by choosing DVS.

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Optional Extras

Tempervent: Designed by DVS for New Zealand homes to pre-warm (or take the chill off) cooler air from the system during winter months before it enters the home.

DVS Integrated Heat Transfer System: The Integrated Heat Transfer System is designed to circulate the air from a room with a good heat source, for example a wood burner in the living room, to other targeted rooms in the house such as bedrooms. Making use of the heating you are paying for in your home.

DVS Automatic Summer Ventilation: A continuous supply of fresh, filtered air is drawn from outside of the roof space when the roof space itself becomes too hot. This allows you to make better use of your DVS® during summer, ventilating with fresh air when you’re not home to open the windows.

Extra CO2 Sensors: DVS Premium Connect Ventilation System comes with one CO2 sensor (standard) but you can install up to four in your home.

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