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What to expect when upgrading your old DVS?

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When content creator Kate Van Den Bergh and her family first moved into their new home a year ago, they were thrilled by its charm and character. However, as the seasons changed, so did their perspective. Condensation on windows, musty odours and chilly rooms began to cast a shadow on their initial enthusiasm. That’s when they decided it was time to contact DVS:  

What made you decide to upgrade your home’s DVS Ventilation System?

We purchased this home around a year ago and the DVS system in the house was 20 years old! We had been waking up to condensation in the master bedroom and kids’ rooms. The current system only had a vent in the lounge room and hallway so it wasn’t cutting it to tackle the problem spots. We decided it needed an upgrade after talking to the DVS consultant when they came over to service the system.

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What made you decide to go with DVS instead of other ventilation companies?

We had a DVS representative come over to service our existing system and we really liked the service he provided. We learnt more about the company through his visit and we talked to him about the problem spots in our home. He knew what he was talking about and was passionate about the business. We loved that they are a New Zealand company and that they’ve been in business for more than 20 years. We trusted him and his advice.

How did the whole installation process go for you?

The installation was great! Very straightforward, quick, and we loved meeting the team. I really appreciated the extra time they took to walk us through how the system works and how to troubleshoot. Sometimes with these things it’s easy to just get left with a brochure and you have to fend for yourself. DVS was amazing! They made sure we knew how to use the control panel and change the filters before they left and they reiterated that they were just a phone call away if we had any issues. The system is very easy to use which is a big help.

Have you seen any changes around your home since you got the DVS upgrade?

We have noticed so many benefits and we are so happy we decided to install it. It’s been the best investment we’ve made to our home. The condensation on the windows has gone, the house used to smell musty and ‘old’ now it is noticeably fresher and it’s also nice to know the house gets fresh air circulating when we are away on holiday.

I think the biggest benefit has been how dry the house feels which definitely makes it easier to heat. This winter has felt considerably warmer than the previous one and I put that down to the DVS being so efficient.

Has it made your home feel comfier and cozier?

Yes! Our favorite feature of the system has got to be the Tempervents that we installed in the bedrooms. We have them set to turn on at 6.30pm before the kids go to bed and they turn off again at 7.30am. I think they make a big difference to how comfortable our home feels and it definitely helps that the kids go to bed in a room that has had the chill taken out of the air. I love that!

Any noticeable improvements in your health and well-being?

This winter has been an awful one for respiratory illnesses (in kids especially). Our 4-year-old son, Leo has asthma and allergies to dust mites so having peace of mind knowing that he is breathing in fresh and filtered air is a great feeling. When the windows were getting so much condensation, we felt so guilty that his health could be jeopardized. We knew we needed to do something about it asap.

What are a few standout features of the DVS system that you really love and find super handy?

The fact that it sits in the background doing its job quietly without us having to change the controls constantly is a huge benefit!  It is smart enough to detect the changes in humidity to alter itself to suit any conditions and it’s super quiet, you don’t even know that it’s on!

Why DVS?

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