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Ventilation Was The Missing Link For Porirua Family Who Received Heat Pumps And Insulation

A healthy home can make all the difference

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Upu Ioapo-Penatia’s story is a powerful example of how a healthy home can make all the difference. After her two-year-old daughter, Savarhn, suffered from respiratory health issues caused by their cold, damp home, she knew something had to change. Savarhn’s condition eventually led to her being admitted to the ICU at Wellington Hospital.

That’s when the family was referred to the Porirua East Housing Project, which aims to improve the quality of homes in Porirua. Thanks to the Healthy Homes Initiative, the family was able to get insulation, two heat pumps, and thermal curtains installed. However, they still had issues with mould and condensation, until DVS stepped in to offer a ventilation system.

Since the installation, the difference has been night and day. The whole house is now warm and dry, and 
there’s no condensation on the windows. Even the downstairs bedroom, which was previously impossible to heat, is now comfortable. And the best part? Savarhn’s health has improved dramatically. She used to get sick every second week, but now, thanks to the healthy home, she’s thriving.

This story highlights the importance of ventilation as the third leg of the “healthy homes” stool, alongside insulation and heating. According to recent research, almost one fifth of hospital admissions of young children with acute respiratory infections could be prevented if their houses were free from damp and mould. Ventilation systems remain the most effective way to control moisture and condensation, ensuring a dry 
and healthy home.

DVS is committed to improving the quality of New Zealand’s housing stock one home at a time, and we believe that the current standards for ventilation in rental properties don’t go far enough. While extractor fans and openable windows are a step in the right direction, efficient wet area extractors and bathroom fans do not ventilate and control air quality throughout a home. It’s time for the building code to be updated to reflect the seriousness of New Zealand’s poor housing conditions.


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