DVS Standard Wool Filter with EcoStatic™ Technology

Our passion and commitment to create healthier New Zealand homes led us to explore superior filtration technologies made in New Zealand. Developed by Lanaco and using EcoStatic™ technology the new DVS® filter is made using wool grown right here in New Zealand, and will provide superior filtration ensuring your home is healthier than ever. In fact Lanaco’s Helix™ technology is so trustworthy it has been selected by NASA to protect astronauts in their next voyage to the moon. So, the same technology used in critical life support systems in space, is found in the latest generation of DVS® filters.

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Made Using Wool Grown Right Here in New Zealand

Scientifically developed by Lanaco, a Kiwi company using wool grown in New Zealand to create advanced filtration systems that enables you to enjoy healthier, safer air.

The Best of New Zealand Innovation

DVS®’ new standard filter with EcoStatic™ technology uses natural wool fibres, the world’s most positively charged fibre, to act as a magnet and capture those minute dust particles and airborne contaminants.

In fact, the new EcoStatic™ wool filter is more than 99% efficient at 2.5 microns.

Its superior performance won’t affect the airflow of the system, keeping your fan working at the most efficient, and cost effective speed.

The chart attached shows comparison with other filter technologies illustrating how hard a fan needs to work for the desired result.

DVS® Standard Wool Filter with EcoStatic™ Technology delivers world class-leading performance with a lower environmental footprint.

Caring for New Zealand

We created our latest DVS® filter using EcoStatic™ technology with our customers and planet in mind, leading with science and sustainability.

Our new filter technology is made using biodegradable wool fibres making it more environmentally sustainable and better for our planet.

We have always offered our DVS® filters as an easy DIY option for customers wanting to change their own filter, which is why we have utilised a filter pocket design.

Progressing to EcoStatic™ filtration has allowed us to retain a filter pocket design whilst at the same time increasing filtration efficiency: a win-win for our customers and our planet.

Made in New Zealand, for New Zealand Homes

All ventilation systems manufactured by DVS® are designed and made in New Zealand for Kiwi conditions and homes. Our unique EcoStatic™ filtration technology is setting a new standard for healthy homes.

Join the revolution of pure, clean air with DVS® Home Ventilation.

Benefits of EcoStatic™ Filter Technology

Class-leading particle capture performance
Harmful particles are captured via the exceptional electrostatic capabilities of EcoStatic™ Filters. This same technology has been scientifically developed for industrial, medical and respiratory health sectors.

Extremely breathable & super easy air flow
The EcoStatic™ Filter matrix offers superb breathability and much lower air flow resistance supporting a lower energy usage whilst still ensuring high particle removal.

Bacteria resistant
Wool fibres within EcoStatic™ Filters naturally resist and reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes on the fibre surface.

Natural way to reduce toxins
Natural wool fibres within EcoStatic™ Filters have an affinity for toxic vapours, safely and permanently eliminating them from the air.

Safer against fire
Natural wool fibres within EcoStatic™ Filters increase the flame retardancy, ensuring a safer filter in a compromised environment.

Eco-friendly & sustainable
EcoStatic™ Filters all contain naturally biodegradable wool fibres making it more environmentally sustainable and better for our planet.

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