Why you should include ventilation in your building plans

Today’s buildings are constructed and designed to seal in the heat, making it much harder for them to ventilate naturally. It’s a dilemma many Kiwis have been struggling with for years – keeping the warm air inside while also letting in fresh air. Ventilation is the mechanism by which we do that.

A ventilation system works to control moisture and condensation, continuously or semi-continuously replacing moisture-laden, stale air, with fresher, drier air. In other words, taking the bad air out and letting the good air in.

DVS ventilation systems are Recognized by Asthma NZ, and specific models hold a current BRANZ appraisal certificate. DVS Home Ventilation systems, when designed specifically for the purpose, meet the requirements of the New Zealand building code Clause G4 Ventilation. In addition to this, DVS can also design, supply and install ventilation systems which meet the specific requirements of District plans that require noise mitigation. We manufacture, install and service a full range of home ventilation equipment and control the delivery of the product from manufacturing to warranty support.

Our involvement in providing ventilation systems for new homes spans more than two decades. Kiwi-owned, with 90% of the components made in New Zealand, DVS uses energy-efficient technology to ensure the best results for our cold, damp climate.

We provide a design and quotation directly from plans. E-mail your house plans to hoppy@dvs.co.nz and you will receive a quote and specification within 48 hours.

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