Social Responsibility

At DVS we are passionate about creating healthy homes. But we are also passionate about giving back to the community. We know good business is more than just a healthy bottom line. That’s why we have always supported a wide range of worthy causes.

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Jacob Coker

Jacob Coker was 12 when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer, synovial sarcoma, which primarily occurs in the arms or legs. After completing radiation treatment every day for six weeks, Jacob’s body was weak with no immunity.
When we heard about brave Jacob, we knew we could help. Installing a DVS and a Heat Transfer System has meant Jacob is breathing in fresh, filtered air, and won’t need to worry about mould or excess moisture in the air.

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Harry Hennessy

Danielle Hennessy was raising funds to fix her cold, damp home after her son Harry caught pneumonia twice before the age of two.
Harry was born with Down syndrome and is very susceptible to illness.
Installing a DVS Home Ventilation System helped by supplying filtered fresh, clean air into Harry’s home and removing chemicals, pollen and other airborne substances from his environment.

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Ana-Carolina De Moraes Lobo Bircham

Recently we met with Ana-Carolina, the six year old who had been living in Auckland’s Star Ship hospital her all life. Her parents really wanted her to go home but as her immune system is very weak they needed to make certain their home would be healthy for Ana-Carolina. That’s when we jumped in and offered the family a DVS ventilation system as well as a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump to ensure they live in a home that’s warm, dry and healthy.

We’re delighted Ana-Carolina is finally home.

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Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

DVS is a major supporter of the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and has been a significant sponsor for its last three New Zealand fundraisers. The foundation provides care to Vietnamese children and families in crisis. They offer the children experiences and opportunities that enable them to become independent individuals.

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Tradie Men’s Health Evening

At DVS, we often work with the construction industry so it made sense to partner up with Master Builders’ Taupo Branch for The Tradie Men’s Health Evening on September 3. The building sector has the highest rate of suicides across all industries in New Zealand so, at the event, our guest speakers will share their personal stories of wellbeing and good practice to kick off discussion and raise awareness about this issue.

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We raised an incredible $10,500 for I Have a Dream Charitable Trust NZ at this year’s Platinum Homes and DVS Home Ventilation Golf Pro-Am Tournament. The donation will support the foundation and its fantastic work in helping Kiwi kids achieve their academic and life dreams.

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