Crying Windows™

Crying windows are a sign of a damp home. Sadly, many New Zealand homes are not properly heated and ventilated. While crying windows look harmless, the moisture can lead to more serious issues.

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The average family home can produce around 12 litres of water per day. If left, this moisture can cause mould build-up which can damage your home and cause health problems for your family.
A DVS Home Ventilation System works to control condensation and excess mould in the home. This is done by replacing the air inside your home, which is damp and unhealthy, with fresher, drier, filtered air. Additionally, a DVS bathroom extractor fan can help control the excess moisture coming from the bathroom.


Heating your home in winter helps make sure you stay comfortable and healthy. DVS has a range of Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps to fit everyone’s needs. Heat pumps are environmentally-friendly and cheaper to run than other forms of heating.
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