Optional Extras

We also offer several optional extras which can be fitted to your ventilation system to ensure optimum air quality and a more comfortable temperature in your home.

DVS Tempervents are a new and unique way to cost-effectively warm the air that the DVS® Ventilation System brings into your home. This clever device features a low-wattage heating element that can be fitted to your existing ceiling vents. The result is cost-effectively pre-warmed air that you can target to specific rooms in your home.

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Air Transfer
This allows the warm air from a room with a heat source – such as a wood burner in the living room – to be transferred to cooler rooms in your home, like the bedrooms.

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Automatic Summer Ventilation
Designed for the Classic DVS Ventilation System, the Automatic Summer Ventilation system delivers a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air from outside the roof space, when the roof space itself becomes too hot.
This allows you to ventilate your home with fresh air throughout the summer months – without the need to leave windows or doors open. DVS Automatic Summer Ventilation reduces pollen, dust, insects and noise, and improves your home’s security while enabling you to enjoy a constant supply of fresh air, day and night.

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External Air Supply Unit
Designed specifically for use with the Positive Pressure DVS Ventilation System, an External Air Supply Unit draws air directly from outside, rather than the roof space – ideal for homes that suffer from damp roof spaces or roof spaces with poor air quality. A DVS consultant can advise whether an External Air Supply Unit may be necessary for your home.

Roof Space Vent
Designed specifically for use with the G4 Reclaim (an older DVS model), an optional Roof Space Vent can supply free solar heat from the roof space, when available. This free solar heat is merged with the air being extracted from the home and this additional heat is transferred to heat to the fresh, incoming air. In this way, the heat from the roofspace can be utilised without bringing any of the actual roof space air into the home.

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