DVS® X-Stream Bathroom Extractor

Keep your bathroom free from mould and condensation

DVS can make sure you meet the new Healthy Homes Standards.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter or a landlord, it’s vital to keep your bathroom free from mould and condensation.

And soon thousands of property owners will have to ensure their properties meet the Standards.

To help you, DVS offers two bathroom extractor fans, both efficient and cost-effective.

The DVS X-Stream bathroom extractor is a high-performance fan system especially designed by DVS® to ventilate both small and large bathrooms. A ducted system, the DVS® X-Stream exhausts the stale damp air outside where it can no longer cause a problem. Removing steam and condensation quickly helps to keep mould and moisture from spreading through your home

Available in two models – DVS X-Stream and X-Stream Plus:

DVS X-Stream:

Simple and effective. This model turns off and on when you use your bathroom lights. The DVS X-Stream exhausts the stale, damp air outside the room, keeping the mould and moisture at bay. From only $595.00.

DVS X-Stream Plus:

The DVS X-Stream Plus includes an Intelli-switch automatic timer which continues to ventilate the room after you leave. Via the electronic timer, you control how long you want it to run for. From only $695.00. 

*Conditions apply

Warranty: The DVS® X-Stream models come with a 5-year on-site parts and labour warranty.

Performance: 127 1/sec, 460m3/hour (fan only). 46dBA

Need more information on the Healthy Homes Standards:

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