DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The ultimate in whole-house, heat exchange ventilation

What is it and what does it do?

The DVS Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery system is a whole-house heat exchange ventilation system. Its technology has been especially developed for DVS to improve air quality, reduce moisture and reclaim energy otherwise lost from your home. This means less heating or cooling is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

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The DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation System’s state-of-the art heat exchanger reclaims up to 98% of the energy that passes through it, which means it covers more energy than most similar systems currently on the market.

How does it work?

The DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery system is located in your roof space and uses two energy-efficient fans.

One fan will effortlessly and quietly extract the damp, stale air out of your home, e.g. from your kitchen and bathroom.

As the fan extracts the stale air, the heat exchanger reclaims the energy from it (usually generated by activities such as cooking, showering and paid heating) before exhausting the stale air outside.

The energy recovered by the heat exchanger is then transferred to the incoming filtered, fresh outdoor air that is drawn into your home by the second fan, warming or cooling it before delivering it to your lounge, bedrooms etc.

In summer, where an air conditioner is at work generating cool air, the Reclaim can recycle this cooled air in the same way it does heated air.

Because the recovered energy is then re-used in the home, less heating or cooling is required to keep your home at the desired temperature. And that equates to big savings – both to your power bill and the environment.

What will I see in my home?

The controller and ceiling intake/outlets are all you will see in your home.

How does the DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure System differ from the DVS® Positive Pressure System?

The DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery system uses the same proven, energy-efficient fans, ducting, ceiling diffusers and filters that are used by the DVS® Positive Pressure Ventilation System. Even the DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure system control panel looks the same (although the software is significantly different).

The main difference is the heat exchanger which is used solely by the DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure system and located out of view in your roof space.

An optional Roof Space Vent can be installed to supply free solar heat from the roof space (when available) without bringing the actual roof space air into the home.

The DVS® Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery system will not only improve air quality and create a drier, healthier home, it also:

Provides significant energy savings because it ventilates the whole home with pre-warmed or pre-cooled air by using a state-of-the-art heat exchanger. And all for the cost of running two energy-efficient fans – approximately 10 cents a day for an average-sized home.

Uses only fresh, outdoor air.

Actively ducts moist, stale air out of your house.

Can be easily upgraded to/from an existing DVS® Ventilation System.

Is easy to use, with an easily programmable controller.

Is New Zealand made specially for New Zealand conditions.

For further information, or to request a free, no-obligation quote click here or call us on 0800 387 387 and ask about the Reclaim Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery system.

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