DVS® Positive Pressure Ventilation System

The DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System uses a simple but effective process to control condensation and improve air quality in your home.

What does it do?
The DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System uses ‘positive pressure’ technology to push the stale, moisture-laden air out of your home, and replace it with drier, fresher, filtered air from the roof space, or outside the home – controlling condensation and improving air quality as a result.

There are three different models to choose from (with optional add on’s explained below):

DVS EC Climate Controlled System
DVS EC Automatic or DVS EC Automatic Plus

How does it work?
1. An energy-efficient fan quietly takes the drier, fresher air from your roof space, or outside the home and draws it through an internationally-rated filter.

2. This fresher, filtered air is then gently pushed into your home through ceiling vents. The incoming air is directed along the ceilings where it mixes with warmer air and spreads evenly through the home.

3. Put simply, it creates a positive pressure inside your home that ‘pushes out’ the stale, unhealthy air through gaps in the building.

What you’ll see in your roof space:

1. Energy-Efficient Fan
This system is the only positive pressure ventilation system to feature this type of energy-efficient fan motor which consumes as little as 8 watts of electricity. Typically home ventilation systems employ more traditional motor technology which could consume 80 watts or more. That’s 10 times the amount of electricity.

2. DVS Air Filters
The DVS range of affordable air filters meet international air quality ratings and remove dust, pollen, plant spores and fibreglass.

3. DVS Air-Warmer – ‘The Tempervent’ (Optional)
The DVS Air-Warmer is an optional extra designed to pre-warm (or take the chill off) cooler air from the roof space during winter months before it enters the home.

Tempervent is a unique and revolutionary new way to cost-effectively warm the air that the DVS ventilation system brings into your home via the ceiling vents! Tempervents feature a low-wattage heating element that can fit to your ceiling vents. The result? Cost-effectively pre-warmed air that you can target into the rooms of your choice.

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4. Automatic Summer Ventilation (Optional)
DVS Automatic Summer Ventilation delivers a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air, drawn from outside the roof space, when the roof space itself becomes too hot.

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What you’ll see in your home:

All you will see inside your home is the control panel and the ceiling vents.

Fully automated G4 Control Panel
We will set this up for the climate in your part of the country.

The G4 offers personal control of your home environment, all through an easy, simple to use interface. Your system will be configured for you, and the airflow and settings individually calibrated to the size of your home to run automatically. However, you will be able to easily fine tune the settings or adjust the “aggressiveness” of the system by adjusting the heat recovery and heat retention settings.

Ceiling vent
The patented DVS ceiling vent directs the incoming air along the ceiling rather than downwards, allowing it to mix with existing warmer air at ceiling level. Unique to DVS, the ceiling vent has deflectors which enable air to be directed along the ceiling in up to eight different directions. This allows incoming air to be deflected away from a favourite chair, for example, or towards a part of the house that needs more help to control condensation.

Optional Extras
The Integrated Heat Transfer system is also available as an add on for your DVS.

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