Air Filters

Internationally-rated air filters 

A DVS®  air filter cleans air before it enters your home, eliminating or greatly reducing dust, pollen and plant spores from the air supply – common triggers for hay-fever and asthma in some people. All of our affordable air filters are tested to and meet international air filter standards. They are easy to install, so when they need to be replaced (once a year), you can choose to change them yourself or ask us to do it for you (charges apply).

The DVS®  air filter not only provides cleaner, fresher air to breathe inside the home, but is necessary for the long life and effective operation of the DVS®.

Choose from the following inexpensive air filter options:

F7 (MERV13) Standard Filter
Use with all DVS Ventilation Systems. Internationally rated F7 (MERV13) tested to ASHRAE 52.2:1999. Replaces the original G4 and high grade F6 filters.
F6 (MERV12) with Carbon Outer.
Use with all DVS Ventilation Systems.
Internationally Rated F6 (MERV12) tested to ASHRAE 52.2:1999
For reduction of odours from surrounding environment. Replaces the original Carbon filter and incorporates a standard F6 (MERV12) filter inner.

Visit our online shop to purchase a filter (and carry out the replacement yourself), or call us on 0800 387 387.

To collect your filter see store details below:

Auckland office
76A Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland
9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

Wellington office
Mainline electrical, 149 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington
9am to 3pm Monday to Friday

If you would like us to change your filter for you, and carry out a filter service at the same time, contact us, or phone 0800 387 387.
Additional charges apply.

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