Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps

If you live in an area that regularly drops below zero in winter, it is important that you look for a heat pump that is able to provide good heating performance at 2°C or less. Mitsubishi Electric is transparent with its data recorded at 2°C and lower. If you live in a climate that is unlikely to get below freezing point in winter, purchasing a heat pump model that has earned the blue ENERGY STAR® mark could save you an extra $150 a year on your power bills.

The ENERGY STAR® mark is the highest award for efficiency for a product in this category. So it is always a good indication that a product is in the top of its category. ENERGY STAR® is awarded to the most efficient models on the market rated at 7°C in each size range.

A heat pump with additional energy saving features can help reduce your power bill and increase your heat pump’s efficiency even further by allowing you to accurately control your settings. Features like Mitsubishi Electric’s 7 Day Controller allow you to ensure you are able to come home and wake up to a comfortable temperature, without wasting heat when you do not need it. Our i-See Sensor automatically seeks out temperature differences then directs airflow to where it’s really needed, “i-save” Mode allow you to easily save your favourite settings and Econo Cool optimises energy saving in cooling mode. All of these are designed so you can get the most out of your heat pump.

Why design to heat?

When it gets cold outside, a heat pump designed to cool needs to work overtime to produce heat and so its performance is reduced. A heat pump designed for cooling can disappoint when you need it most – when the temperature drops. We design for New Zealand homes, and therefore we design predominantly to heat. The result is year-round reliability and performance.

HyperCore® High Performance Heat Pumps

No other heat pump in New Zealand is guaranteed to perform at its peak from +7°C to –15°C. Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore Heat Pumps will not lower their heating performance even when it is snowing outside. So you can be assured that you will be kept snug throughout winter. HyperCore is also highly recommended for humid and high altitude areas.

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