Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are New Zealand’s fastest growing winter heating solution. They are cheaper to run than other forms of heating, and are environmentally friendly. Plus they give you year round comfort – warmth in winter, and cooling in the summer. So whether you’re looking to heat a small room, or a large house or office, you’ll find that DVS have the right solution for you.

DVS® specialises in Fujitsu & Mitsubishi heat pumps / air conditioners. With such a wide range of models on offer, there’s sure to be one that suits you

You’ll be warm and cosy in winter, cool and refreshed in summer. At the touch of a button, you select the exact temperature that suits you. You can even set the remote control timer so that your heat pump switches on or off at a particular time or day.

The secret to heating with a heat pump is that there is no heating element. A Heat Pump simply uses a compressor to transfer the existing free heat in the air into your home – just as your refrigerator transfers the heat inside out (you can feel the warm air at the back of your refrigerator when it’s on).Mitsubishi Electric & Fujitsu technology is super quiet, and no gas or electric elements mean no risk of fires or burnt fingers.

A heat pump is one of the most economical, energy efficient ways to heat your home. In fact, for every $1 you would spend on other heating options, you can enjoy $4 worth of heat from your Heat Pump. How’s that for value?

The compact, slim design fits discreetly into any interior. Plus there are many clever features that will add increased power, better savings, more convenience and healthier, fresher air to your comfortable home environment.

A Heat Pump from DVS is the safe, easy and economical way to keep individual rooms or your whole home comfortable all year round. It may sound luxurious but that doesn’t mean it’s out of your price range. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable our range of Heat Pumps are.

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