DVS® Heat Transfer System

The importance of transferring heat

Despite having a perfectly good heating source in the living area (such as a wood burner), the heat does not extend to other areas in the house, such as the bedrooms.

A controlled Heat Transfer System from DVS® will circulate the air from the source room (i.e the lounge) to other targeted areas of the house. This reduces hot and cold spots and provides a more even temperature throughout your home.

This can be used as a stand alone feature, or can be integrated into the DVS® Positive Pressure Ventilation System.

Integrated Heat Transfer System

Integrating your Heat Transfer system with the Positive Pressure Ventilation system provides the best of both worlds; ventilating your home with fresh, filtered air, and switching to a heat transfer system when required to help warm the cooler rooms in your home.

The system can manually or automatically change the air source to draw from the heated room and transfer this warm air to the targeted rooms in the home. In heat transfer mode the system will not ventilate, but will merely redistribute existing air around the house.

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