Meet DVS Brand Ambassador: Jase Connor

Meet DVS Brand Ambassador: Jase Connor

Jase Connor has been a DVS brand ambassador for the past few years and we thought it was time to introduce him to you all! Jase is one of our top mountain bike riders and currently holds the New Zealand Downhill National Series Champion title. He is riding to support Keep A Breast Foundation, raising awareness for breast cancer prevention.

We asked him how his journey with mountain biking started and why he is so passionate about it.

How did you get into Mountain Biking?
From a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by bikes and motorbikes. My best friend growing up, Hayden Donald, is one of New Zealand’s best motocross riders and has been my biggest influence from day one. At the age of five, I was already juggling motocross, mountain biking and BMX. You can say biking has always been a huge part of my life. At 15 the love I have for the sport led me to a competitive career in Downhill. 

What achievements are you most proud of to date?
Becoming the New Zealand National Series Champion was one of the biggest highlights of my career. But recently, I found pride in helping the next generation. Knowing my experience in this sport contributes to our young athletes’ evolution is gratifying.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My biggest supporter is for sure my fiancée, Stephanie Lewandoski. A lot of what I do wouldn’t be possible without her support and commitment to my racing.

Where’s your next big race?
The next stop is the World Championship in Quebec, Canada, from August to September. Then on my return to New Zealand, I will compete in the NZDH North Island series.

Tell us a bit about the Keep A Breast Foundation, why is it important to you?
I have a personal motivation behind my work with Keep A Breast. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and it caused a lot of hardship for our family. While my mum was battling the disease, my father also ended up with serious heart and health issues caused by the stress, extra work and responsibilities that came with the illness. By working with the girls from Keep A Breast, my aim is to raise awareness around the disease and educate the youth of our sport as well as their families about prevention and early detection so they can be better prepared to deal with it if it becomes a reality for them. It is important to me because I still have my mum thanks to early detection and I want to give that opportunity to other families.

What was your dream job when you were younger?
I actually wanted to be a fighter pilot! I was a huge Maverick fan and I’m so pumped for the new Top Gun “Maverick” release!

What is the best advice anyone ever gave you?
“Live Life”. Surviving life is one thing, but those who choose to truly “live life” to its fullest are those who experience true happiness and experience true appreciation for their achievements.

DVS wishes Jase all the best for the upcoming World Championship in Quebec and looking forward to catching up with him on his return to get all the competition insights!

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