Keep Warm And Breathe Fresh, Filtered Air This Winter

With winter well underway, families around the country are focused on keeping their homes warm inside and the cold weather outside. In an ideal world every home would have sufficient insulation, heating and ventilation – unfortunately that is not the case in thousands of Kiwi homes.

A lot of New Zealanders avoid using their heaters during winter, fearing hefty power bills. But did you know a dry home can help you save money on the cost of heating?

A typical household will produce about 12 litres of water per day from cooking, showering, and general living – the equivalent of a big bucket of moisture sloshing around your home. It’s easy to see how fast a healthy home could transform into a damp, unhealthy one and that it would take more than the occasional opening of a few windows to dry it out.

Ventilation systems are the most effective way to reduce excess water vapour. They continuously push out the moisture-laden, stale air, replacing it with fresher, drier air.

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Good ventilation and home heating are essential for maintaining air quality. While you can’t heat your home with a ventilation system, you can make it drier and healthier. Dry air is quicker to heat as opposed to damp air – which helps to reduce the cost of heating,” says Tony Sandes, the managing director of DVS, a New Zealand-owned and operated business that’s been improving Kiwi homes for more than two decades.

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