How to Operate Your Reclaim Plus Ventilation System

How to Operate Your Reclaim Plus Ventilation System

Watch our step-by-step guide to learn how to operate a Reclaim Plus Balanced Heat Recovery System:

Turning on/off

  1. Hold the ‘MENU’ button down until the system times out.
  2. To turn the system back on, hold the ‘MENU’ button down again.

Adjusting fan speed

  1. Select ‘Menu’.
  2. Use the arrows to navigate to ‘Fan Tune’.
  3. Press the up and down buttons to increase or decrease the fan speed.
  4. Press ‘OK’ to save settings.

Resetting filter warning

Once we’ve installed a new filter, we need to reset the filter warning.

  1. Go to the ‘Menu.’
  2. Open ‘Utilities’
  3. Select ‘Replace Filter’.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen and press up to reset.

Optional Extras

This system has optional extras, including Solar Gain, Summer Vent, and Temper Vent Air Warmers. These can all be set up in the same way. The instructions below are for Summer Vent.

  1. Open the ‘Menu’.
  2. Select ‘Summer Vent, then ‘Mode’.
  3. Press ‘OK’ to toggle the Summer Vent on or off.
  4. All optional extras can be controlled by Time, Temperature, or both. Follow the prompts on screen to adjust the settings.
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