Optional Extras

We offer several optional extras which can be fitted to your DVS Home Ventilation System to optimise air quality and temperature control.

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DVS Tempervents

Target specific areas of your home with cost-effective pre-warmed air.

Integrated Heat Transfer

The DVS Integrated Heat Transfer System combines Positive Pressure Ventilation technology with your current heating system creating supplementary heating for other rooms in your home. Making best use of heat you have already paid for.

Automatic Summer Ventilation

Both DVS Reclaim Connect Balanced Heat Recovery and DVS Premium Connect Positive Pressure Systems are available with Automatic Summer Ventilation. This delivers a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air, drawn from outside the roof space on hotter days.

External Air Supply Unit

For homes that suffer from damp roof spaces, an External Air Supply Unit fitted to a DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System draws air directly from outside rather than in the roof space.

Solar Gain

For those with a DVS G4 Reclaim and DVS Reclaim Plus (older DVS models) or the Current DVS Reclaim Connect, an optional Solar Gain facility can use the heat from the roof space without bringing any of the roof space air into the home. Supplying the home with free solar heat.

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