Discover our DVS Reclaim Balanced Ventilation System

The DVS Reclaim extracts stale air from your home and reclaims energy from it before exhausting it outside. The energy recovered is then used to heat or cool the incoming fresh filtered air before delivering it into your home.

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DVS Reclaim Ventilation System

The DVS Reclaim improves air quality and creates a drier, healthier home.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT: Provides significant energy savings because it ventilates the whole home with pre-warmed or precooled air by using a state-of-the-art heat exchanger. And all for the cost of running two energy-efficient fans – approximately 14 cents a day for an average sized home of 150m2.

FRESH, FILTERED AIR: Uses only fresh, outdoor air which is filtered via a high-quality, high-efficiency EcoStatic filter, ensuring a cleaner, fresher air supply and a healthier home environment.

AIR QUALITY CONTROL: Actively ducts moist, stale air out of your house, replacing it with fresher, drier outside air.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Improve air quality, reduce moisture, and reclaim energy otherwise lost from your home with the Reclaim. This means less heating or cooling is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment when ventilating your home.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT FANS: This ventilation system uses energy efficient EC fan technology. Consumes as little as 10% of the electricity of an AC fan. Significant savings can be made by choosing DVS.

USER-FRIENDLY: Is easy to use, with an easily adjustable controller.

BUILDING CODE COMPLIANT: Excellent for new homes. The DVS Reclaim will satisfy the requirements of G4 of the building code (specific design required).

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