DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System

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DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System

The DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System uses ‘positive pressure’ technology to push the stale, moisture-laden air out of your home, and replace it with drier, fresher, filtered air from the roof space, or outside the house. As a result, condensation is controlled and air quality improved.

There are three different systems to choose from:
DVS EC Climate Controlled System
DVS EC Automatic
DVS EC Automatic Plus


Optional Extras

There are a range of optional extras to help enhance your system even further.

A low wattage heating element designed to take the chill off cooler air before it enters the home.

Automatic Summer Ventilation
The Automatic Summer Ventilation system takes air from outside on warmer days, allowing you to ventilate your home more effectively in the warmer months. Reducing the need to open your windows or doors.

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