DVS EC Reclaim Plus (Humidity Sensitive) Ventilation System

The ultimate in whole-house, heat exchange ventilation, the DVS® EC Reclaim Plus (Humidity Sensitive) extracts the stale air from your home and reclaims the energy from it before exhausting it outside. The heat exchanger transfers this energy to the incoming fresh air from outside to warm or cool it before delivering it to targeted rooms of your home.

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DVS EC Reclaim Plus (Humidity Sensitive) Ventilation System

Its two energy-efficient fans continuously work in parallel to improve the air quality, reduce moisture and reclaim energy otherwise lost from your home. The first fan will effortlessly and quietly extract the damp, stale air out of your home while the second fan will draw a constant supply of fresh, filtered air into your home.

The Humidity Sensitive control function ensures your home will only be ventilated with air that will assist in keeping your home drier while the energy the heat exchanger has recovered will be re-used in your home. That means less heating is required to keep your home at the desired temperature. That equates to big savings on your power bill and also benefits the environment.


Optional Extras

Summer Vent Bypass: To help keep your home cool in summer, an Automatic Summer Bypass can be fitted to allow the incoming fresh air to bypass the heat exchanger when the outside air is cooler than your home. This component can be automatically or manually controlled.

Solar Gain Roof Intake: To make the most of the solar gain in the roof space, a bypass enables the additional warmth to be transferred into the incoming fresh air flow. This is achieved by opening the roof space bypass to allow the roof space air to mix with the extracted exhaust air from your home and pass through the heat exchanger helping to pre-warm the incoming fresh air. This component can be automatically or manually controlled.

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