DVS Tempervents are a unique way to cost-effectively warm the air the DVS Home Ventilation System brings into your home. This clever device features a low-wattage heating element that can be fitted to your existing ceiling vents. The result is cost-effective, pre-warmed air that you can target to specific rooms in your home.

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Product Benefits

You can choose the rooms in which to install your Tempervents.
Tempervents use a very low wattage of electricity, approx. 9 cents an hour!
Helps improve the overall performance of your DVS Home Ventilation System.

The Results

Tempervents improve the performance of your Positive Pressure DVS Ventilation System. That means your home will need less direct heating to achieve a comfortable living environment.
The Tempervent element fits directly above your diffuser so no insulated ducting is required.
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