DVS Heat Transfer System

While you may have a perfectly good heating source in the living area (such as a wood burner), the heat it generates does not always extend to other areas, such as the bedrooms. The DVS EC Heat Transfer or DVS Integrated Heat Transfer System uses excess heat from your existing heating to create supplementary heating for other rooms in your home – making the best use of heat you’ve already paid for.

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Product Benefits

A controlled Heat Transfer System from DVS circulates the air from the room with a good heat source, for example a wood burner in the living room, to other targeted areas of the house.
The DVS Heat Transfer Systems are activated by the temperature in the room. Through your easy-to-use controller you will be able to adjust the temperature and the volume of air being drawn into the other rooms.
The DVS Heat Transfer Systems uses energy efficient EC fan technology. Consumes as little as 10% of the electricity of an AC fan. Significant savings can be made by choosing DVS.

Integrating your System

DVS Integrated Heat Transfer Systems are a feature that can be installed with the DVS Premium Connect Positive Pressure Ventilation System and the DVS Climate-Controlled System.
A DVS EC Integrated Heat Transfer System provides the best of both worlds; ventilating your home with fresh, filtered air, and switching to a heat transfer system when required.

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