Healthy Homes Standards

The Government’s Healthy Homes Standards are a big step in the right direction for the 600,000 New Zealand households that are rentals. However, at DVS, we believe they don’t go far enough as a healthy home needs three things: heating, insulation and ventilation!

Ventilation is the third vital leg of the “healthy homes” stool.

By 1 July 2024, all rental properties will be required to have rangehoods or extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms. Efficient wet area extractors do a fine job of removing significant amounts of water vapour and so should be included. But bathroom fans and rangehoods do not ventilate and control air quality throughout the home and of course people spend a lot of their time in their bedrooms. The result is enough moisture remains within the home to cause dampness problems. The typical New Zealand house produces about 12 litres of water a day from cooking, showering, and general day-to-day living – equal to a big bucketful of moisture spilling around your house. It’s this moisture that causes mould, mildew and damp.

Replacement of stale, polluted air with fresher air from outside the building is vital for the improvement of indoor air quality – particularly for those with allergies and asthma. Continuous, controlled, gentle air changing has the effect of reducing moisture and condensation, reducing odours and airborne contaminants. An energy-efficient, whole-home ventilation system creates a drier indoor living environment, significantly improving the health of the occupants.

The Government’s Healthy Homes standards become law on July 1. Will you meet the standards? DVS can help you prepare for it. Check out our range of bathroom extractor fans here.

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