Get Your Home Fit For Winter With Ventilation

A home ventilation system can help you and your home prepare for the colder weather. 

Whether you are building a new home or wanting to protect an existing one, ventilation can help you enjoy a drier, warmer and healthier winter.

Control moisture and condensation 

Dreading the thought of wiping down your windows every morning? A home ventilation system clears the air from excess moisture, so put the cloth down this winter and enjoy a drier home. 

A damp home can also deteriorate your internal furnishings quicker, meaning that interiors like paint, wallpaper and curtains may need replacing earlier than usual. A DVS Home Ventilation System will protect your beautiful interiors from moisture.

Save on the cost of heating

While you can’t heat your home with a home ventilation system, dry air is quicker to heat than damp air. So, as your ventilation system works to keep your home drier, it will be easier and faster to heat up your home. 

You might even save on the cost of heating! In fact, DVS Home Ventilation customers save approximately $123 per year per fan*

Breathe easy
Our busy lifestyle often means we spend most of our days out and about. That leaves little time to let fresh air in, particularly in cold weather when we often arrive home in the dark and certainly don’t want to fling open the windows then.

Continuous ventilation and adequate heating are essential to maintaining good air quality in a healthy home. Indoor air quality can be affected by numerous factors and can be disrupted by pollution from both interior and exterior sources. Ventilation is a key element to restore balance and achieve an optimal indoor environment. 

DVS is the art of letting your home breathe – fresh air in, stale air out. 

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*Based on independent power consumption tests undertaken by Spectrum Laboratories Ltd. Yearly power consumption calculations are based on typical DVS time of use factors.

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