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You can download the manual for your DVS system on our Operating Guides page.

At DVS we have plenty of different heating solutions. • Our Tempervents • A Fujitsu or Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump from DVS • Atlantic panel heaters We also recommend using electric (e.g. oil column heater) or flued gas heater (not unflued LPG or bayonet fitting heaters), or solid fuel burners (e.g. wood or pellet fires). The use of unflued or bottled gas heating is not recommended by DVS. For further information, please click here to fill in our online request form or call 0800 387 387.

Even when no additional heating is installed, many owners of a DVS Home Ventilation System say their homes feel warmer, while their heating costs remain the same or go down across the year. Although this is not the purpose of a DVS, this feedback is very common. This is due to one or some of the following: • Free solar heated air from the roof space which can supplement normal home heating on sunny days. • Recycling of warmth trapped below the ceiling, and a more even distribution of existing heating throughout the home. • As your home dries out, less energy is required to heat the air to the same temperature. • The Reclaim Heat Exchange Ventilation System can reclaim up to 98% of the energy that passes through it. Learn more here. • A drier living environment can “feel” warmer even if the actual air temperature hasn’t risen.

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