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It is important to note modern building materials and construction methods mean new homes are more air-tight and have less natural ventilation than older homes. Modern lifestyles, with longer working and commuting times, and greater concerns about home security, noise and privacy mean homes are closed up much more than in the past.

Poor ventilation in your home can cause a rapid build-up of moisture which can damage curtains, wall coverings, windows and carpets. Mould, mildew and dust mites thrive in poorly-ventilated homes and are key triggers for asthma, allergies and respiratory problems. ‘Off-gassing’ of the chemicals used in modern building materials, coupled with poor ventilation, can also affect overall health and well-being.

Involving a DVS consultant in the planning stages of your new build or renovation ensures maximum effect with optimal positioning of ceiling diffusers and convenient placement of the DVS controller(s), which is not always possible when retro-fitting. A DVS Home Ventilation System will also protect the investment you make in new building materials such as wall linings, paint, wallpaper and curtains and ensure they are not ruined by dampness, mould and mildew. Simply e-mail your plans and elevations to customerservice@dvs.co.nz and you will receive a free quote and specification within 48 hours. Phone 0800 387 387 for further information.

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