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When a room doesn’t have its own DVS ceiling vent, it is important to ensure air flow. Make sure the doors to the room are left open as much as possible. Also keep curtains and blinds fully open during the day, and slightly open at night (if possible). If the problem persists, please call us on 0800 387 387.

Of course, the DVS is not intended as a heater for your home and if your home is feeling cooler then you will need to use more heating. A DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System takes the fresher drier air from the roof space and circulates it in the home to help control condensation. This air can be a bit cooler in the cold months and therefore you may need to use a little more heating to maintain the same temperature in your home. DVS have a range of heating options available, including Tempervents – a low wattage heating element that is fitted to your existing vents.

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