Feedback from DVS customers

I’m very impressed by the way you guys approach customer care!
Stu McColl – Thames

We’ve had our DVS for 3 weeks now and just wanted to let you guys know how amazing it’s been for us! Up until having it installed, we would have to dry our windows every morning as we would get condensation all the way to the top. The first morning after having the DVS put in, we didn’t have to do this and have had no condensation since! We were getting condensation daily even without a frost but haven’t had a single patch since. It’s also helped make our house feel warmer as we aren’t spending all day heating up a damp house. Our daughters bedroom was by far the worst. Before the DVS, she was needing her asthma inhaler multiple times a week and we could smell the mould in her room which we would bleach regularly. Since the DVS, she has not had to use her inhaler once and the mouldy smell has gone. We couldn’t be more happier with our DVS and have told all our friends that have had the same problems as us to get one. So happy with the immediate results and huge improvement it’s made to our old damp house.
Sarah & Anthony Devonport – Palmerston North

It’s been great working with your team and no weeping windows this morning.
James Kennerley – Tokoroa

I would like to give some positive feedback on Jordan who installed the system. He was right on time and worked hard while at my house. His work was to a high standard. He kindly checked our roof for any leaks (we were worries we had some issues with the roofing iron) while in the ceiling space to do the install. Jordan also moved some of our ceiling insulation back into place for us without being asked – it had been moved earlier when we some some electrical work done and the tradies didn’t put it back in place. Finally – he cleaned up really well. Overall we had a fantastic experience with our purchase process and the install process and I wanted to pass on the good feedback.
Adam Kent – Auckland

We love our DVS. Our health is better and my cleaning job is reduced!!! No more crying windows and mould. Yippee..so glad we had this installed.
Raneeta Curtis – Ruakaka

I have had a DVS for many years now and cannot speak highly enough of it. Condensation is now a thing of the past!
Shona Crooks – Waipukurau

We are very happy with the system and would recommend to everyone, we no longer have to wipe windows all day and Christine’s Asthma is now better also. Thanks DVS.
Graeme & Christine Clent – Mosgiel

Boom! Windows so dry this morning!
Sue Baker – Morrinsville

It was great to wake up this morning and have no condensation on any windows. Also the house was a lot warmer. I would recommend to anyone with condensation on windows to definitely invest in a DVS unit. Best money I have ever spent.
Cheryl McLeish – Christchurch

All installed yesterday and condensation free this morning! Big difference already. Thank you again for great service and a great product well worth investing in.
Talei Joyce – Levin

Thanks so much for the great service. We can’t believe what a difference it has made to our house. We have no condensation! We should have had it installed years ago. Best money we’ve ever spent.
Tara King – Christchurch

Thank you to John for his professional and kind service on the telephone this morning. So appreciated. This is our second home with a DVS in and we would never not have DVS. Your team are always so thorough and professional. My husband recently had a kidney removed and I had a fractured ankle at the same time. When coming home to clean air and a reliable temp we always were so grateful and pleased to have our DVS going. Blessings to you all.
Lorna S – South Taranaki

OMG! It’s the first day [after installation] and I can see a difference straight away. My bedroom still has moisture on the windows, but the other rooms are clear. I can’t believe the difference. Especially with the cold snap, normally I would have condensation and puddles on all my windows. The guy that fitted it yesterday said I might see results quicker than 2 weeks as we have such a big roof cavity. Please pass on my praise about R & E Electrical [company who installed the DVS]. Prompt service, very nice guys and cleaned up after themselves. Thanks so much for all your help.
Cathy Smith – Auckland

“Hi DVS team, below is feedback from our property manager after she did inspections of our two properties that DVS systems were installed in…
‘The first property felt very warm and dry. I believe the DVS system is doing a great job.’
‘The tenants were home in my inspection at the second property and they advised me they have noticed a huge difference to the property since the DVS has been installed. They say it feels warmer and not having condensation has changed their lives! So there’s a great result for you’
Thank you DVS team.”
Berwyn Mason – Christchurch

I first installed a DVS system about 10 to 12 years ago in my poorly insulated 1960’s home, with mould in the wardrobes and condensation everywhere. The difference in about 2 days was amazing, a lot drier, all condensation stopped as did the mould. The house was significantly easier to heat and felt warmer. Shortly after this I had a DVS fitted to my 1980’s rental house with similar outstanding results. Having now moved into a modern, well-insulated 2010 house I was unsure that a DVS system would help. It definitely does……this new house also is drier, feels warmer and a lot easier to heat than previously.  I have found all the DVS people to be honest, reliable and realistic. I would recommend a DVS system to everyone.
Trevor Robson, Whangarei

We are so happy with the Reclaim Plus that we had installed in 2016.  It made a visible difference to the dust and allergies in the house straight away but what has prompted my email is how much difference it’s made to keeping the house warm now that winter is upon us in South Canterbury.  I was quite nervous as we get snow here but the house is so dry it seems to become warm and stay warm for so much longer.  I notice the cold now and then but nothing like it was last year and we’ve had some -3, -4 mornings already. The best improvement we’ve made to this house was installing the Reclaim Plus. Money well spent.  Thank you.
Nia Edwards, South Canterbury

We’re thrilled with our DVS Reclaim system. We’d had another company’s version and were still wiping the condensation off the master bedroom’s windows every morning when it was really cold. But with DVS it’s completely different. Last night was minus 2.5 degrees and there was only a misting on the windows. And this system is quiet – silent, actually. We hear nothing. The noise of the other one really bothered me. Wayne and the installer were both a pleasure to deal with.
Andrea Graves, Waikato

My wife and I are thrilled with the insulation and DVS with the Auto Summer Vent system you installed in summer. Our house now feels drier and most importantly, our two pre-schoolers who suffer from allergies are breathing easier. We are thrilled that having the DVS work 24 hours a day right throughout summer – with the outdoor air supply when our roof is too hot – was well worth the investment. The consultant, installers and company have been great to deal with and we are now looking at winter heating options to make our house and family more comfortable.
Richmond and Maria, Auckland

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the DVS, no more condensation on the windows, the house is no longer damp, and the air smells purer. I know it is not a heating system but since the dampness has been removed the house feels much warmer. I would certainly recommend that a DVS be installed in all homes as it makes a much healthier living environment.
Esme’ Harford, Paihia

My wife and I are a great supporters of DVS, we have the system in our own home as well the rental properties we own . They keep the houses nice and healthy for us as well as our tenants, and free of mould. This can be a problem here in the Waikato. They are well worth the investment.
Les Jepson, Hamilton

I recently purchased a DVS home ventilation system as well as a Fujitsu Heat Pump through DVS. My house was built in the 1920’s and had no insulation or any form of heating, so as you can imagine – it was VERY cold, and the windows dripped with condensation! I wish I had made the investment sooner, as I absolutely love coming home to a nice warm home! It’s so good to be able to set the timer so you can wake up to a nice warm house also.
Tania Jest, Titahi Bay

“DVS staff have done a very professional job in my home , from sales to installation the process was extremely smooth and comfortable. I would highly recommend them!”
Ms Ashar, Auckland

“I recently had a DVS system installed as our home is over 40 years old and ,in the absence of any reasonable insulation ,was damp and inclined to attract mould. As all of us are prone to extreme allergies, I was concerned about the poor air quality in addition to the dampness and evident mould spores. Right from the first phone call I cannot fault a single thing; a professional and friendly consultant turned up advising on the best air filters to suit our needs and later the tradesman not only turned up when he said he would but he cleaned up after himself and removed the mouse found decaying in my wiring! But service aside I am so incredibly grateful that after only four weeks we are all sleeping and breathing better; Spring comes with mixed feelings for our family. As the weather warms the pollens increase but fingers crossed so far I haven’t heard a single sneeze from anyone which for this time of year in unbelievable! ”
Ms Thomson, Auckland

“Our DVS system has been installed recently and the results have been absolutely incredible! Our windows ,which have always been extremely wet, now are completely dry. We still marvel at the difference every morning when we open the curtains. We will certainly be recommending your product to others, and wonder why it took us so long to get the system. We are looking forward to a drier and healthier home.”
Mr & Mrs M’Creedy, Levin

“We used to have water pouring down our windows everyday. Since installing the DVS in our home we haven’t had a single drop, not even when we cook or have showers.”
Mr Roy Collis, Hamilton

“We have a holiday house in Turangi which is often left closed up for weeks at a time in-between guests. The house had a faint mouldy smell (we thought from just being closed up) and we kept wondering why our son got a bad cough every time we stayed at the house. Since we had our DVS installed it has been fantastic. The house feels warmer when we arrive (as now it is really dry). And our son never gets sick while we are there — which is obviously better for him and everyone else on holiday. Thanks DVS – we love our ventilation system!!”
Mr & Mrs Swarbrick,Turangi

We had our Fujitsu heat pump installed today. Just wanted to thank you and your team – the guys did a great job and the unit is wonderful! We appreciate the great service you gave us and can now enjoy the winter!  Thanks again.
Julie and Gary, Auckland

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