DVS can save you money

Save on electricity

Based on an average sized home of 150m2 that uses a unit of power at 25cents:

  • DVS EC fan costs about $17 per year to run using an average of 9.5 watts.
  • Typical AC home ventilation fan costs approx $140, using an average of 77 watts.

DVS customers SAVE approximately $123 per year, per fan*:

  • $615 savings over 5 years
  • $1,230 savings over 10 years

Some systems require TWO fans, but in most cases DVS needs just one. Choosing DVS over a two fan system saves you more*:

  • $263 per year
  • $1,315 over 5 years
  • $2,630 over 10 years

*Based on independent power consumption tests undertaken by Spectrum Laboratories Ltd. Yearly power consumption calculations are based on typical DVS® time of use factors.


Save on system maintenance

Annual filter changes are recommended to make sure your system operates efficiently and safely. A standard DVS filter costs $62 and is easy to change yourself (see our Filter Fitting Instructions page).

Some ventilation companies offer filters that cost $250 and often there is no DIY option. Competitors filter changes are typically offered less often (only every second year) and consequently the system is forced to work harder, which costs more to run.

Depending on the house design, one DVS fan will ventilate a home of 300m2 and sometimes even bigger. Other home ventilation systems will only ventilate a home of 100 to 180m2 per fan.

Compared to a two-fan competitor, a DVS fan can SAVE you up to $188 per year in maintenance costs.  That’s $940 savings over 5 years and $1,880 savings over 10 years.

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