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DVS® is made in New Zealand for our unique conditions. No matter where you are in the country our DVS® control system is ‘pre set’ to deliver the performance needed in your part of the country. DVS® are experts at the different rates of ventilation required in different parts of New Zealand.

Independently tested

The DVS® Positive Pressure Ventilation System has been appraised by BRANZ (Building Research Association of NZ) and carries an Appraisal Certificate. This means DVS® has been independently tested and found to be suitable for the purpose for which it is advertised and installed.

Advanced specifications

Compared to other home ventilation fans, the DVS® fan is super economical, efficient, durable and whisper quiet. The performance of the DVS® fan places it firmly at the forefront of the home ventilation industry. DVS® ducting is premium quality and, at 200mm in diameter, allows greater airflow and significantly lower noise levels. Inferior systems will use ducting that is just 150mm in diameter. Under normal operating conditions, your DVS® will be difficult to hear and many customers say they can’t hear it at all. A DVS® fan can run up to 8 outlets within a single-level house, dependent on the size of the home. Other systems may only operate up to 4 outlets per fan so choosing DVS® means lower initial and on-going costs.

5 Year Warranty

You’ll have peace of mind with a 5 year onsite parts and labour warranty.

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